We give you the strategy, tools and community to help you envision, create and live the fully engaged life YOU want to live by taking you on a journey of meaningful change from the inside out.

Founded by Mindcore CEO and ICF-certified Executive Coach, Fredrik Lyhagen, our mission is to stop people from wasting and withering away their lives meeting other people’s expectations, demands and values; to pull them free of the relentless current of daily demands; to save them from a life of coulda been and shoulda done; to breathe fire into their souls and help them take hold of their passions; to give them the confidence, clarity and direction they need to follow their dreams and lead an authentic, meaningful life.


Hi, my name is Fredrik Lyhagen. I’d like to tell you a story.

For the fifty-eleventh time in I couldn’t count how many days, weeks, months, the same question was burning itself through my brain from every imaginable direction.
isn't there more to life than this?

Like every other morning, Monday through Friday, I was barreling down the narrow road to the highway that took me to work, my mind on fire not with ideas and energy, but with a morbid calculation that I’d come to think of as routine. So routine, in fact, I’d even gone through my old college physics books to refresh my memory on kinetic energy.

Eying the thick, ancient trees lining the road, I tried to calculate:

“What’s the optimal speed to crash my car into one of them so I don’t kill myself,
but hurt myself enough to get three months’ medical leave from work?“

As I said, morbid… but maybe not so unfamiliar.

I was 32 at the time, had a good job, made decent money. My life looked good from the outside. And, yet, here I was considering self-incapacitation as my only route of escape.

Every work day, I left my heart at home and replaced it with my laptop. From 8 am till 7 pm, I was busy with tasks, responsibilities and obligations that meant nothing to me. My reporting requirements kept me buried under Excel sheets for days on end, pushing numbers up the command chain so the powers that be could figure out ways to make more money off my department’s labor.

My days, weeks and months disappeared in a hazy blur of repetitive motion. I felt like a mouse trapped on a spinning wheel, always running, running, running to keep pace, but going nowhere. It was making me sick to my stomach.

But I had no idea how to get myself off the spinning wheel
without throwing myself off and into a tree!

Then, something happened. A chance came along when a friend asked me to partner with him on a new business. It was a risk, but then, staying at my job was obviously the greater risk – especially since I’d calculated 67 km/h as a good speed for a collision.

So, I did it. I dug deep, closed my eyes, took a breath and found the courage to jump off that spinning wheel.

And you know what…?

I didn’t crash. In fact, I landed on my feet.

Not the feet I’m standing on today, but two feet that would take the first steps on my not-always-straight thousand-mile journey to where I am today.

See, in the new business I came to realize the deep pleasure I got out of coaching and mentoring people. This, in turn, inspired me to get my professional coaching certificate.

Except, in my coaching, I continually came across all the same business problems I’d dealt with in my old job. All the questions about corporate goals, corporate strategy, corporate this, corporate that. There was no room for personal growth and life satisfaction, and I came to question the very belief system I’d been programmed with my entire life.

And so a new set of questions began to take over my thoughts:

  • “Is this even what I believe in, or is it just what society expects me to believe in?”
  • “What’s holding me back from leading a meaningful, purpose-driven life?”
  • “What am I afraid of?”
  • “What do I need to do to lead the type of emotionally fulfilling life I want to lead?”

The answers came to me with the clarity of a crisp and sunny winter morning just after a new snowfall:

No. Yes. Myself. Criticism. Trust myself in the moment.

And then there was the ultimate question, of course:

“What do I really want to do with my life?”

I thought long and hard about all the parts of my life that brought me satisfaction and joy. My wife, my daughter, my friends and family. I thought about my childhood dreams, and all those ideas of opening a bed and breakfast or backpacking around the world I’d had while on vacation from my old job. I made lists of pros and cons, weighed my options and judged practicalities.

But in the end, I did what I’d finally learned to do:

Trust myself in the moment.

And the moment told me that what I wanted to do – what gave me energy and filled me with passion and made me excited about Monday mornings – was to help other people find their way to an authentic, meaningful life. To help save them from a life of coulda been and shoulda done. To breathe fire into their souls and give them the confidence, clarity and direction they need to follow their dreams.

Change is hard, but as the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu wrote, “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”

My journey has taken me here. Where will yours take you?

It’s my mission to help you take that first step, to find your direction and to give you the tools and habits you need to stay true to your own thousand-mile journey.

It beats purposefully slamming your car into a tree, that’s for sure.

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